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Safety OSHA Training

We understand the challenges encountered in today’s impersonal world and vow to provide our clients with the attention and personal service that they deserve. This is why Pro Service Staffing offers a full catalog of safety training designed to promote a safer environment and contribute to a more profitable business.


  • Reduced Workman’s Comp Claims
  • Reduced Downtime and Absenteeism Due to Injuries
  • More Efficient and Creative Employees


Safety Program Development

We conduct safety audits or safety inspections. We develop custom tailored safety management systems that control the causes of accidents and prevent employee injuries in the workplace.

Supervisory Safety Training

This safety seminar is designed for supervisors and managers and explains how and why supervisory personnel play a vital role in a successful safety program. We explain and teach specific communication skills, interpersonal interactions and behavioral intervention techniques that can prevent employee unsafe acts that lead to accidents.

Employee Safety Training

We will conduct authoritative, interactive safety training for your employees that will be stimulating, enjoyable and a cost effective safety consulting service.

Safety Meeting Guides

Concise safety and OSHA compliance guidelines in outline form that can be used as reference for employee safety training, safety meetings, and supervisor safety talks. No safety consulting or safety training services are involved.

OSHA Compliance

Safety consulting assistance with identifying and correcting OSHA violations, compliance with OSHA regulations, conducting OSHA compliance required safety training and safety inspections. We also offer approved OSHA 10-hour and 30-hour courses for entry-level employees and supervisors that is accepted by OSHA in all 50 states. Our OSHA 10 Hour Construction class is required by state law to work on publicly funded job sites in the states of New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Missouri, and Nevada.


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