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Temporary to Hire Placement

The best way to predict a candidate’s success is to observe that person in your organization, interacting with other employees and communicating with your customers. With our temporary to permanent hiring strategy, you can see a candidate in action, and develop a true understanding of his or her work-ethic, skills and capabilities.

“Try Before you Hire” Placement

We’ll alleviate the administrative burden of recruiting, evaluating, screening, and interviewing full-time employees and provide you with highly skilled employees. And our 90-day evaluation period minimizes your hiring risk. We will retain the employee on our payroll for 90 days while you evaluate his or her performance.

Through our temporary-to-permanent hiring strategy, you’ll achieve:

  • Workload is being met during the hiring process
  • Only successful performers transition to permanent employee status
  • Transitioned employees already know the job and your company
  • Successful employees are more likely to be satisfied, and higher performers
  • Voluntary and involuntary turnover is reduced

Cost Savings of Temporary To Hire Placement

Statistics have shown that approximately 21 administrative tasks are completed for every new hire. Accomplishing these tasks will absorb nearly 53 hours of your staff’s valuable time. Yet there’s still no guarantee that your new employee will fit well within your organization. Our temporary-to-hire service offers a hassle-free, worry-free alternative-one that’s guaranteed to minimize the hiring risk and save your business time and money.

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